Lustrous Ocean

Lustrous Ocean

Lustrous Ocean is SimplePlay's latest Fishing Game! It supports in-game switching between the portrait and landscape mode! Your players can now play any way and any time they like!

In a world of seas where mystic creatures lives, countless magical gems glitter brilliantly deep under the sea! Due to the great powers, the gems also grow on the fish. Some of them have even become Fish Kings! Catching these Kings means winning enormous wealth! Start your journey to Lustrous Ocean, and collect wealth beyond imagination!

Branching storylines lead to different bosses

Bosses give huge payout

Bonus Stage - Fish with variable payout

Brand New Fishing Experience

Free Bullet Wheel

When a free bullet reward is triggered, a Free Bullet Wheel appears. Players can spin the wheel to determine the number of free bullets and payout multipliers they are getting! Players can get up to 30 Free Bullets and enjoy payout multipliers up to


Stage Boss

At Stage III, the Fishing Kings will appear as Stage Boss. Three different Fish Kings are featured in different scenarios. Taking down the Stage Boss leads players to a

Bonus Stage!

Game Features


Stage system with branching storylines

To proceed to the next stage, players need to reach required amount of fish or winnings - the two options can lead to different scenarios of the next stage, giving players unique game experience!

Bonus Stage - Fish with variable payout

When the Stage Boss is defeated, players will enter the Bonus Stage where there is fish with variable payout up to 1000x!

Three fascinating
Gem Powers

Lustrous Ocean comes with three fascinating Gem Powers: Freeze, Summon, and Machine Gun. Players need to charge the power gauge to full before using any one of these powers.

Lustrous Ocean is certainly an innovative game with exciting and creative features. Players can enjoy the joy of fishing as never before! Come and experience the game, and bring the fun and excitement to your players right now!

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